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March 28, 2009

System Investigation Concept (Fourth Quiz)

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There are 2 factor to begin system investidation:

1.Discrepancy of gap between system purpose and real condition of system. When there is a discrepancy of gap between system purpose and real condition of system, team investigation started to find what is the problem, learn the system purpose, process of the system and condition when system working.

2.Report of unreal problem detection

We can report detection unreal problem from the following reasons that is:

1. Purpose too much ideal

Purpose too much ideal can make the report investigation can be unreal.

2. Less resources and or manner

Less resources can make detection problem not done especially when detection started without manner.

3. System measuring is not accurate

When system measuring is not accurate, the report can’t use anymore.

4. System purpose are old

The Old system purposes can make the report not up-to-date.

5. The differences between idle system and temporary system

Problem solving:

– Define developing system –> Detailed investigation

– Get the ideal system consensus

– Expand some alternatives

– Select the best alternative

The Goal of investigating is to showing the real problems


The obstacles in Investigation System

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When doing investigation several obstacles appear like:

– Time

– Cost

– Knowledge

– Politic

– Get involved


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The investigation results are a recommendation that include these following:

– Never take any action –> if there is no problem was found

– System maintenance –> some small problems

– increase ability or user ability

– totally consider to system modification

– put problem into the development system plan

Investigation tactic

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Why we need tactic?

– to find all the problem

– to find out the reason

– to find out the best solution

Investigation tactics is very important for the entire elements system so that the system can accept request solution without disturb their activities.

Some tactics that we can do:

– listening the suggestion from system agent

– don’t give beginning solution

– comparing the stories from system agents about similar cases

– notice the logical inconsistent problem

Investigation Techniques

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1. Direct:

– Questioner

– Question and Answer

– Monitoring

2. Non-direct:

– Current procedure

– Learn the document

– Sample

– Tabular

System Description at The Moment

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– Input

– Output

– File

– Data element

– Transaction volume and action document

– Data flow diagram

Analysis Requirement

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Intensive interactions step between systems analyze and end user
where the team development system show their skill to get respons and user trust until achieve good participation.

There are 4 goal wishes to achieve:

– Explain the system completely

– Describe the ideal information system

– Bring the ideal information system at moment with observe the resource constraint

– Give push to user conviction into development system


– Question and Answer

– Questioner

– Observation

– Current procedure

– Document monitoring

Resource problem

– Time

– Cost

– Skill

– Technology

– External factor

Document analysis requirement

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– Analysis guide: relationship with the end user, process monitoring, problems in data gathering.


– User requirement: real needs, report needs, exercise needs, and new system influence.


– System problem: explain time and cost constraint, skill, technology and external factor.


– Document such as data gathering instrument, statistic consensus, data flow according to physic and logical, first data element in data dictionary.

Generating Systems Alternatives

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How to make the system at moment condition more close with the ideal system condition?

– create alternative to solve the information system problem

– Applying best alternative wisely

Strategy option

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– Distributed versus centralized processing

Changing information decision from centralized data processing to decentralized end user responsibility center.

– Integrated versus dispersed database

System planner must consider what kind of incoming data to database and incoming to file.

– Surround Strategy of System Development

Environment are important strategy in overtake company case because information system from other company possible different with company at moment.

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