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April 26, 2009

Functional Dependency (FD)

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u Important concept for normalization.

u Functional Dependency (FD)

Are constraints that are derived from the meaning and interrelationships of the data attributes

If A and B are attributes of relation R, B is functionally dependent on A (denoted A –> B), or A functionally determines B, if each value of A in R is associated with exactly one value of B in R.

Each value of A determines a value of B

A and B can be sets of attributes.

u FDs are derived from the real-world constraints on the attributes

u Social security number determines employee name


u Project number determines project name and location


u Employee ssn and project number determines the hours per week that the employee works on the project


u An FD is a property of the attributes in the schema R.

u The constraint must hold on every relation instance.

u If K is a key of R, then K functionally determines all attributes in R

(since we never have two distinct tuples with t1[K]=t2[K])

u FDs are nontrivial. (StaffNo–>StaffNo is trivial)


Given TEXT we know the COURSE.


u TEXT maps to a single value of COURSE


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